Those of you who already know us know that the kitchen is where we really excel in interior design. We have nearly 20 years of first-hand experience with the Italian kitchen furniture designer GD Arredamenti and its products, as we initially only sold products from this factory in Hungary. However, times are changing, the economic environment and market conditions are changing, and we have to adapt to this, so we have started to expand our profile and our range of suppliers.

It’s important for us to work with mainly Italian partners who have unique ideas, special materials and high quality products, but it’s also important to meet domestic needs. A good response to this was to begin working with the Italian group ZG Group, whose wide range of products allowed us to go beyond the kitchen wall and the wardrobes, and to also design and distribute furniture for children’s rooms and bedrooms. These are exciting new areas for us, but it’s also reassuring that in the kitchen, where we are so at home, we are able to showcase something new.

Meet our new kitchen design and manufacturing partners!

The group distributes its kitchen furniture under the GM Cucine brand, which we introduced to the Hungarian market last year, and we are pleased to see that our customers are very satisfied with their products.

Meanwhile, more and more Italian companies are approaching us with the possibility of distributing their products. We are happy to announce that we are now in contact with three major Italian design and manufacturing companies and we are already distributing these kitchen furniture products!

Zampieri Kichen & Living started as an artisan business and has grown into a high-end company in the nearly fifty years of its operation. Nowadays, with the freshness of a 2nd generation of leadership and the experience of the previous generation, they seek new challenges, resulting in customized, well thought-out and carefully designed unique kitchen furniture.

Welcome to the manufacturer’s unique range of furniture; IRORI, with a door thickness of only 8 mm! Listen to designer Stefano Cavazzana, artistic director of Zampieri: