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Edina Rubinek-Litvai

I graduated from the Junior Art Interior Design School in 2001.

Between 2001 and 2011 I had the opportunity to try myself in many fields of the industry, both as an employee and as a contractor. I was able to work in both design and the commercial side of the job. I have gained a wide range of experience, from small design assignments to complex projects. I‘ve run two studios; a kitchen studio and a bathroom one, but I’ve also been a salesman for wallpaper and home textiles.

I spent the first ten years of my professional life looking for a new path, and in 2012 I met Nora and through her the Italian design. I was fascinated by the liveable minimalism that has characterised my work ever since.

Aliante Design

Dedication, professionalism, quality materials - Aliante Kft.’s lively presence in the wood and furniture industry is due to these three factors. We are proud that the Cook & Room brand is now also part of the group, so we can now jointly offer truly innovative, high-quality solutions in furniture production.

Let’s meet in our showroom: H-1037 Budapest, Kunigunda útja 78.


In 2005, we opened our downtown shop with Nóra Venczel, which was then arguably the most beautiful kitchen showroom in the country, at 22 Király Street in the 6th district. At the beginning we ran under the name Prima Design, later we took the name Cook & Room. At that time, we had about 15-20 design kitchen units on display on three floors.

Since the beginning we have always been committed to Italian design and the MADE IN ITALY spirit. So we worked very closely with the Italian furniture company GeD Arredamenti. In addition, we have also distributed the Fedrigo Salotti sofas and beds. Initially we were very keen to operate in the downtown design furniture district, but then with the transformation of Király Street and its surroundings into a party district, the furniture companies moved out of that district. In 2018 we also decided to move to a new location. We tried to find a new place where the shop could be easily transformed and after years of living in the city centre, accessibility by car and parking was also an important factor for us. When selecting a new location, we were looking for a place with an industrial style. That’s why we chose an industrial park in Újbuda, in the 11th district at 70 Budafoki út. Here, our furniture is currently displayed on two floors. Since we have moved, we have been trying to realise our ideas and constantly innovate and develop.

We no longer represent only the Italian company GD arredamenti (formerly GeD arredamenti), but we also work with another Italian manufacturer ZG gruop. They produce not only kitchen furniture, but also traditional wardrobes and the nowadays so trendy WALK IN closets, modern industrial shelving systems, and highly variable and practical children’s room furniture, beds and bedroom furniture. The item lists of these two furniture manufacturers are also very often used to create living and dining room units. We also have a great partnership with a high end bathroom furniture factory Archeda Srl. They bring uniqueness to bathrooms with their very refreshing designs, light airy furniture and quality use of materials.

In 2018, we started working with the Italian company Informa, whose sliding doors are good at separating or uniting spaces. These doors are all suspended and equipped with a braking mechanism, making everyday use easier. Chairs from Colos, another Italian company, were also launched in 2020. Their young, simple lines, their tables and bar stools and their redefined benches immediately caught our eye. We discovered our other partner at a SALONE exhibition in Milan, the Italian artisan Luca Peppoloni. You can’t help falling in love with his charming wrought iron animals, making them a distinctive jewel in any interior.

In addition to the selling of products, we also offer interior design, which is essential to provide our clients with comprehensive services. That is why we commit ourselves to designing our kitchens, wardrobes, bathroom furniture and other custom-made wardrobes.

In order to ensure an efficient management of the process, we also offer on-site assessment in addition to the planning. This way, if a floor plan is not available, we can measure the area and then start the project. This is easier for us, because the assessment gives us a real insight into the conditions of the room to be furnished, and we can guarantee that the planned furniture will fit in and the client does not have to bother with measuring and drawing the walls. In the recent hectic world, we have noticed that many people do not have time to deal with the execution, so we also manage the complete execution of projects using our many years of experience. To be able to do this, over the years we have gained reliable, well prepared and skilled professionals. For us, it is important to follow the principle of what we can do, not why we cannot do it. In case of a problem that needs to be solved, we say that there is no problem, only a task to be done. Here we would also like to mention our technical teams, with whom we have in fact more than 10 years of cooperation behind us. We are grateful to them, because good installation, taking care of the finished home, handling the task as if it was our own is essential in this category, and is one of the key elements of quality furniture!

The other thing we have in mind, because we are a small company, is that we try to be as flexible as possible with our clients. Thus, our opening hours reflect this, i.e. if someone needs a quick appointment on a Sunday evening then if we can schedule it in time, we will organise our lives to accommodate this.

That is why we have added to our opening hours that we ask you to come and visit us by appointment if possible.

From 2023, we have decided that Cook & Room will continue its activities as part of the Aliante Group of Companies under the brand name Aliante Design. The values, expertise, and services will remain, but at the same time, under the leadership of Edina Rubinek-Litvai, the company group will be supplemented by a team and strength proven in other fields. Nóra Venczel continues to work in the United States.

We hope you like our brief introduction and we look forward to welcoming you to our showroom with a nice Italian coffee too!



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