Exclusive design kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture and additional interior design accessories, straight from Italy. With the Italian design furniture that comes with our range, you can furnish every room in your home and bring it back to life. Check out our latest products and dream up a home you can enjoy every day for many years to come

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Our latest projects

Our professional team has many years of experience, during which time we have made a wonderful home from countless apartments and houses. You cannot imagine the power of a well-chosen furniture: modern kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture or any kind of home furnishings can bring a whole new feel to your home. Take inspiration from our references and contact us!

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We always try to keep up to date with the latest trends and the newest solutions, so – for example – we regularly visit professional exhibitions. Follow our blog to make sure you don’t miss what’s happening around Cookroom.

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Why choose us?

Our passion is Italian design furniture. As the exclusive distributor of world-renowned Italian furniture manufacturers, our mission is to implement individual interior design ideas at a premium level. You can be sure that your kitchen, bathroom, dining room and bedroom with our design furniture will be unique. It’s exactly what you dreamed of before you found us.
Our products include exclusive modern kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture and a set of dining and living rooms. In addition, you can choose from unique interior doors and interior design accessories. Create your catalogue type home with us, where your guests will enter enviously, and you will be happy to return home every day!
With us you will not only receive special furniture, but also a complete, personalized service on request. Based on your ideas and needs, we will make your dream home. Whatever the condition of your house or apartment, we plan to the millimeter how it can be perfectly arranged to your taste.
In addition to uniqueness, quality is guaranteed by our manufacturers, who expect a minimum period of 15-20 years when designing products, which is an extremly long time in the 21st century furniture market. Made with carefully selected materials and meticulous craftsmanship, our experience shows that furniture will stand the test of time. Not only in durability, but also in their design solutions that are ahead of the trends. You can trust us because design furniture is not only our profession, it’s our passion. We know the current trends, we attend a lot of international interior design and home furnishing exhibitions, we are always up to date with the latest trends, but we also believe in timelessness. And we put our constantly updated knowledge to furnish for your home.

Our design furniture is guaranteed to captivate You with its clean elegance

We feel most at home in modern and minimal styles, and our design furniture is largely representative of these. We love Italian designers who bring modern classics to life, so the furniture you dream up when designing your kitchen won’t go out of fashion for years to come.

Still thinking about a different style? Then don’t hesitate to contact us and together we’ll design and build the perfect kitchen for you!

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